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There are 14 different races inhabiting Small World - each with their own unique traits and skills. Every one has its own distinctive Race banner and tokens that are used to mark regions where that Race is deployed.

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To conquer regions and amass Victory coins, Races are deployed on one of four different Small World game maps.
By placing troops (Race tokens) in various regions, and conquering adjacent lands, you earn Victory coins for each region you occupy at the end of your turn.

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Races are combined with one of 20 Special Power badges - providing a unique benefit to the race it is associated with. Cunning players will quickly learn that some combinations hold great power...

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Commando Dwarves

The Commando Special Power enables a Race to conquer any adjacent region using 1 less Race token than normal. Because a Dwarf receives a bonus Victory coin for each Mine region it occupies, this combination is highly profitable as you will need fewer troops to occupy more valuable mines.

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Diplomat Skeletons

To protect his flank, a Skeleton with the Diplomat Special Power can select an ally who cannot attack until his next turn. The Skeleton - who adds 1 new Race token to their supply for every 2 non-empty regions they conquer - is then free to aggressively attack others, using the opportunity to gain lots of valuable extra tokens.

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Flying Sorcerers

Sorcerers can substitute one of each opponent's tokens with a new one of their own. While normally they would have to be adjacent to the opponent, if they also have the Flying Special Power they can conquer any region on the map. Flying Sorcerers really are magic!

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