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When you begin play, choose from one of 5 different Mystery Express Player Characters. Each is represented by a resin figure, a matching Player token,
and a personalized Ticket Wallet.

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Each of the characters has a different investigative power.
Dr. Strauss - the Psychoanalyst - has unique insights into the criminal mind and a certain advantage when it comes to understanding Motive.

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Each train car has its own distinctive atmosphere and lends itself to a unique action. Actions take a specific amount of time, so while you can move about the train at will, you can only enter a car if there is enough time left in this leg of the journey to complete an action.

The Lounge Car action takes 2 hours. Since the leg from Paris to Strasbourg takes 4 hours, you can visit the Lounge Car and still have time to investigate elsewhere.

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Most actions on the Mystery Express allow you to peek at the cards held by other players, or in some cases, the cards from new passengers that come aboard that no one has seen yet!

When in the Dining Car, invite as many other players as you have hours left in that leg of the journey to a fine meal. In return, each must show you one Crime Card from their hand of the type you specify.

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The Conductor moves about the train depending on the Conductor Token revealed for each turn.
If you occupy the same car, have a little chat with him as a free bonus action. You can peek at one of the three cards on the Conductor's spots of the board; immediately discard it;
and replace it with one from your hand.