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The sands of Egypt, 50 BC...

The pyramids are crumbling,

the temples are in ruins,

and even the nose of the Great Sphinx looks like it might fall off any day now.

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Cleopatra is one unhappy queen!

Now she has called on the members of the Society of Architects to build a magnificent palace in Alexandria.

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Work has started in earnest, and the competition promises to be intense...

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On any given day, you might be found scouring the markets in search of Resources worthy of a Queen...

Or tirelessly working your crew in the Quarry;

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But something seems amiss...

Page 6

Some of your brethren have been making rather inexplicable progress, coming up with goods faster than humanly possible, and erecting new pieces of the Palace at breakneck speed.

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Rumors of midnight meetings and secret, forbidden rituals have been spreading; Now, amulets and hieroglyphs honoring Sobek, the Crocodile-god, are appearing in the strangest places...

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Cleopatra and the Society of Architects
is a fun and engaging family game unlike any you've played before.

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Inside this box you will find a true three-dimensional palace that you race to build against your fellow players.

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Corrupt officials and building materials of dubious origin may help you stay ahead, but beware: the price of corruption is sure to be high!

Page 11

Will temptation drive you to the worshipers of Sobek, and to a violent end in the belly of Cleopatra's favorite pet?

Page 12

Or will you survive to become the chief architect of the Kingdom - and win the great riches offered by the Queen?